2018 FIFA World Cup: Revenues and Prizes

2018 FIFA World Cup

The final of the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup has just finished and now we finally know the name of the winner: France.

They were of course among the favourites according to the sports betting sites, but during this competition (and even before) we witnessed many surprises, starting with the missed qualification of Italy and Netherlands, so we weren’t sure what was going to happen during the tournament.

Then Germany, Argentina, Spain and Portugal were eliminated, followed a shortly afterwards by Brazil. But France managed to gain its second World Cup after the one in 1998, while Croatia wasn’t able to write its own history with a victory which would have been their first one. The final result of the match was 4-2.

The two finalists earned themselves a huge amount of money. The amount of the whole prize for this FIFA World Cup edition is 791 million dollars and France will bring back 38 million dollars, while Croatia gained 28 million. Belgium and England will get respectively 24 and 22 million. All teams which managed to reach the quarter-final got 16 million, those among the last-sixteen got 12 million and the last-thirty two received 8 million.

All teams which have qualified for the competition already took 1,5 million. 209 million dollars will be destined to the players’ league clubs, with a fund of 134 million as an insurance fee for the clubs in case of injuries of their players.

This is the highest prize money ever for a World Cup, it is worth 1.9 billion dollars in total, a 40% increase compared to the Brazilian edition in 2014.

Sponsorship revenues, on the contrary, dropped from 1.63 to 1.45 billion dollars in the last four years, mainly because of the corruption allegation against the FIFA headquarters, especially after the resignation of the former FIFA President Sepp Blatter and former UEFA President Michel Platini in 2015, both banned from sport-related positions for eight years.

After the scandal, many major sponsors, such as Emirates, Sony and Continental, pulled out and Chinese companies account for 39% of sponsor deals.

Other deals include big sponsors, such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Visa and Qatar Airways. The FIFA World Cup has always been one of the main businesses in the sport sector and experts foresee a large growth for the next edition, which will take place in Qatar in 2022, one of the richest countries in the Middle-East.


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