Saturday, April 21, 2018
Will von Fronemhein

Will von Fronemhein

Froners’ work life is a state secret and even if I knew what he did, the confidentiality clause we signed when he became a permanent member of The Pundits would prevent me from telling you. The only hint we know is he is often seen lurking around the Top Gear studios. @Froners on Twitter.
Super Rugby Team of the Week

Super Rugby Preview: Week 17

Round 16 just reaffirmed everyone’s expectation - Super Rugby 2016 will be won by a New Zealand team. Sure, the Lions are in with a shot as they keep playing the most exciting rugby in South Africa, but even they should be no match for any of the beasts beckoning...
Super Rugby Team of the Week
RugbySuper Rugby

Super Rugby Preview: Week 16

Super Rugby returned last week but sadly our preview didn’t, which brings us to the current state of the post-June test games. Most of us aren’t that entertained anymore as most of the teams have already secured their playoff positions and we are already looking forward to the Rugby Championship....
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