Friday, February 23, 2018

The Pundits Rugby Panel – Team of the Year

SA Rugby recently announced the contenders for the different awards that it will hand out early next year. A big talking point has been the glaring omission of a number of players from the Super Rugby and Currie Cup nominations. We decided to have a look back at the 2017...

Rugby: Springbok Player Ratings – France

Another week done and dusted and it seems we are just going through the motions as supporters to get to December when we can finally all put this behind us, wash 2017 off and hopefully look ahead to 2018. There is no doubting that Saturday’s match, regardless of the victory or...
The Springbok Attacking Focus

Tactical Talk: The Springbok Attacking Focus

Week in and week out we go to bed bitterly disappointed with another lacklustre Springbok performance. The blame has been pointed at everything under the sun from political interference to poor coaching at schools. A while back, I read an interesting article on ‘The aggregation of marginal gains’ which essentially...

Springbok Player Ratings: Ireland & that loss

There it is - you date painful needle girls your whole life, then you go to Cape Town on holiday and meet this cracker. She gives you hope, she is attractive, hard-working, puts in plenty of effort and you think to yourself that you have found the one. You stay...