Designers, Look Away – The PSL Just Ruined Their Own Awards


The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has become the butt of many jokes in recent times and it seems they have gone and done it again.

Earlier today, the PSL announced their nominees for the annual PSL Awards, live on Twitter and Facebook. During the announcement, they shared Tweets with artwork of the players, announcing each of the nominees in the various categories.

As I browsed their feed, something caught my eye: they must have tasked a 5-year-old with the design of the artwork.

Despite the very bland nature of the ‘designs’, there are some very noticeable discrepancies in the way everything was laid out. I don’t think I need to explain too much of what’s gone wrong – just refer to the images below.

Red lines have been added for ease of reference (not that it should be needed).

Surely they could have cropped the images to be the same height? They are not the same width either.


In Football, the space between players matter. The same goes for design.


No lines needed to judge this ensemble as offside.

If this is the type of attention to detail that goes into the PSL Awards, I feel damn-well sorry for all the players who put so much work into a season, only for the league to honour them in this way.

My advice: pay someone half-decent to do design work in future.

To view the full list of nominees, view the PSL feed on Twitter.


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