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Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 9


It kind of feels like it has been at least 5 weeks since we last watched Premier League football on our TV screens, doesn’t it?

Well, the international break is back and life can once again return to relative normalcy – at least, as a Chelsea fan, I hope so.

Any manager and fan’s biggest fear during international breaks is injuries and this time around, there’s plenty to talk about.

Liverpool got some good news in the form of signing Jurgen Klopp during the break, but his time in charge is starting to look difficult from the get go – Joseph Gomez and Danny Ings have both picked up injuries that look to put them out of action for the rest of the season.

Chelsea fans seem to have sighed in relief with the news of an Ivanovic injury, which should have him out for a game or two – how times have changed.

Another big name who’ll be spending time in the medical office is Sergio Aguero who seems to be out for about a month – rival fans won’t mind that too much, but Fantasy Managers should look to replace him for the time being.

Other Notable Injuries:

  • Kolarov
  • Krul
  • Silva
  • Given
  • Schweinsteiger

Ofcourse, on the other end of the spectrum, the international break also affords the opportunity for some players to regain some form, or continue their current run of good form. The following players did well, scored or assisted in their matches for their national team, and could likely carry that confidence into this weekend’s matches:

  • Eden Hazard
  • Joel Campbel
  • Theo Walcott
  • Willian
  • Oxlaid-Chamberlain
  • Giroud
  • Ramsey
  • Sanchez
  • Ozil
  • Darmian
  • De Gea

Admittedly, these were only the players I picked up as I did not watch most of the international games – if you know of any other players who did well, let us know in the comments below.

My Team

Gameweek 8 saw me pick up a respectable 64 points after I finally managed to pick the right captain with Vardy on the scoresheet and picking up 3 bonus points. This week, I’m hoping he can keep that up against Norwich.

Transfers: The injured Gomez, out. Sagna in.

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 9


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