FIFA World Cup Roundup: Underdogs 1, Big Guns 0


World Cup Roundup 1 – Leicester City wins the Premier League and Iceland falters to France in the EURO 2016 Quarter Finals. For many, 2016 was the year of the underdogs and no matter who you supported in either tournament, I think it is safe to say we all enjoyed seeing the big guns come undone against ‘lesser’ opposition.

Having just been witness to Round 1 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it may seem that we’re in for more surprises as the so called ‘big guns’ trip at the first hurdle.

From the opening game, it became clear that this could be a World Cup like no other – it was goals galore as Russia romped the Saudi’s 5-0 to open their home campaign in style.

The baton was then handed over to Spain and Portugal to provide the next round of entertainment on Friday night and Ronaldo, Costa and co did not disappoint. A 6-goal thriller proved that while Spain may have fired their coach in the eve of the tournament, their players still possess the class to go shoulder to shoulder against the current EURO holders.

Off the back of their amazing performances at EURO 2016, Iceland was always going to be a team to watch and they pulled their rank against Argentina who’s Lionel Messi missed a spot-kick, leaving his team with only 1 point against the small nation. With an opener like that, who knows what Iceland can do in the rest of their group games!

Ze Germans were up next and their defensive wall (pun intended) was not up to standard against the Mexicans. A 35th minute strike was enough to see the Mexicans bag 3 points against one of the tournament favourites.

On Sunday evening, it was time to see what the Samba Boys will bring to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and it turns out they only brought a synchronised-diver with 2-Minute Noodles on his head. Had Neymar spent more time on his feet, it could have been a different story for the Swiss who managed a 1-1 draw on the back of a disappointing Brazilian performance.

Best GIF of Round 1


Last night, all eyes were on Belgium who did not disappoint in their 3-0 win over Panama while Harry Kane and England left it till the death to see off a well organised Tunisia outfit.

It was a very disappointing opening round for the African teams; not a single win for the continent and only one goal scored among the 4 games played.

Senegal is Africa’s final hope of a Round 1 victory as they face the Polish at 17:00 today. The Cocaine Cowboys of Columbia will battle against Japan in the other remaining game of Round 1, kicking off at 14:00.

Have you enjoyed the football showpiece thus far? Tell us about your favourite moments in the comments below.


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