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Football Fans on Twitter


It’s been roughly one and a half Football seasons since I started actively using Twitter. I say ‘seasons’ because that’s how I live my life… by Football seasons and not by years. Since I’ve started tweeting, I’ve been following fellow Football fans and after a while they started following me back. Now, as most of you will know, with any match-day, Twitter is alive with banter and chirps from all football fans; whether your team is playing on the day or not, you tend to get dragged into it.

For a while now I’ve noticed some trends among fans from certain teams. Maybe ‘trends’ is the wrong word… I’ve noticed some similarities amongst fans from certain teams. To prove what I’m trying to get at, I will now attempt to share my views of some teams’ fans on Twitter. And before you crucify me: There are obviously exceptions to every rule, but if the shoe fits….

Disclaimer: I am an avid Chelsea fan. I am trying to write this as unbiased as possible.

Manchester United:

United fans are a tricky bunch to be honest. When under attack, they have a very good comeback most of the time. Their club’s success under Alex Ferguson and Howard Webb has been well documented and when pushed into a corner in a argument, they will simply end it off with a sentence that contain the words “19 Titles”. This is often their only way out and they are not afraid to use it. They are the type of people that will call for John Terry’s head as England Captain after he slept with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend but when Ryan Giggs sleeps with his BROTHER’s wife…they are willing to look the other way.

All in all, not a bad bunch. Never criticize Sir Alex, Giggs or Scholes and you should get along with them. If you feel you have to take a swipe at their players, Michael Carrick is a safe option as most of them don’t like him anyway.


Easily the most hated bunch of fans around… something that they are actually proud of. Most of them aren’t old enough to remember the last time they won the league yet they are more than willing to act like they won it last season. Liverpool fans do not take criticism well… if you were to say something like “Steven Gerrard had a bit of a shocker last night hey?” they hear something completely different. They hear something to the tune of “Steven Gerrard is bloody useless hey? He’s always been your worst player and you should have sold him years ago.

When you direct the slightest bit of negativity towards a Liverpool fan, they will take it up personally and most probably never speak to you again. Rest assured though because next year is inevitably Liverpool’s year!

Manchester City:

(If you know any City fans, please let me know how they are and I will kindly fill in the blanks.)


Chelsea fans can be split into two groups: pre and post Abramovich. The post-Abramovich fans are the ones you should try and avoid. Generally they won’t know much about Football or their club itself. Some have taken some time and effort of getting to know past players to the likes of Hernan Crespo and Claude Makelele but when asked about Tore Andre Flo, they will likely respond with something like: “Andre Flo? Must be Andre3000 and Flo Rida’s new project.”

The pre-Abramovich fans are more palatable though. They will generally have good insight into the game. Pre-Abramovich fans probably won’t be a fan of their new owner due to his sacking of managers and interfering with transfers. Having said that, they are still extremely grateful for the silverware he has brought (read: bought) to the club.

To Chelsea fans, Luis Suarez is a racist… but John Terry is most certainly not.


The ‘Gooners’ as they are called, currently live in a state of limbo. They haven’t really won anything in years, their manager’s entire Youth Development Transfer Policy Thingy has fallen to pieces and it really seems that they have started feeling sorry for themselves. Players leave Arsenal for money and not because they can actually win some silverware somewhere else. They’ve become content with finishing anywhere in the top 4 and progressing from the group stages in Europe is more than good enough. One thing they will argue to death though is playing attractive football, something that they ‘started’ in the English game. Gooners tend to just agree with any statement that gets thrown their way, making proper banter almost impossible. Their lack of credible comebacks ruin any chance of a decent argument.

After a win, Arsene Wenger is the best thing since the introduction of UEFA’s goal-line officials but when Arsenal loses, they will all gladly crucify him.


Not many of them around, but Spurs fans are a lovely bunch. They enjoy every bit of success that comes their way. Humble and down to earth! Despite being kicked out of their Champions League spot by London rivals Chelsea, most of them still sincerely congratulated the Blues on their Champions League win. Sometimes it feels that Spurs fans are London fans rather, more than happy when any team from the capital get a result.

Even though Harry Redknapp is an illiterate alcoholic, Spurs fans will forever be grateful for his wonderful work at the club.

Real Madrid and Barcelona:

Convinced that their team is the best club in the world. They don’t bother watching English Football because it’s boring and we all know there’s no talent in England. Despite only having two teams capable of winning La Liga, they firmly believe the Spanish League is the best and most entertaining in the world. The only thing that’s sets these fans apart is some of them like Madrid and the others like Barcelona.

Never enter into an argument about Messi vs Ronaldo with these fans. There can be no winner. You’ve got a better chance of converting the Pope into a Muslim.

So, that’s my take on Football Fans on Twitter. I would love to hear what you have to say about this, so please leave your comment below. Also, share this post with other Football fans and let’s continue the banter we love so much! Follow us on Twitter @thePunditsSA

Written for The Pundits by @thatWallace


  1. This is a top post. Love the City fans bit. As for the hated Liverpool fans… you speak truth. We are a fickle bunch. We have not much to brag about anymore. Our history is our only saving grace… but it doesn’t excuse us for the sour grapes. Great post nonetheless 🙂

  2. Loved this post Wallace!!
    As a Chelsea fan since 2002 (when I actually started watching this game) I kinda feel on the fence a bit because I always get blasted for being a glory hunter, only supporting CFC since Roman’s takeover, etc but he only took over in 2003 so I never understood the argument led by many Man Utd and Pool fans.
    And I agree, Roman is catching on kak by hiring and firing coaches as he sees fit. It irks me to a point where I just wanna give him a moerse PK! And then steal his money and laains from the yard.

    In other news – I do love and respect the Arsenal fans. They have been my favourite 🙂

  3. What a load of crock! I’m a MUFC fan and that’s untrue! hah. JT is a …. can’t even find a descent swear word, hah, not because of what he did off the field but because he is a dirty player and gets away with murder.
    Don’t give the that crap about Webb, we all know City signed him this summer.
    For me all the non MUFC supports get on a high when they see MUFC lose because they fail to see the crap that their team does so they need SOMETHING to smile about.
    For me there are two fan types in football. Those that support MUFC and the rest that are happy to see them lose. You should see my twitter feed when it’s game time!

    It is pretty amazing about the City fans. Before 2011 they were hidden under the crackboards, then all of a sudden when they finally cracked top 3 they came out in numbers. I don’t know if it were all those Chelsea “fans” that jump ship all the time looking for teams that win all the time 😀 Yes, I know people like that. Glory frikking hunters.

    Liverpool will always be Liverpool. Always going on about their history. As far as I know, Discovery Channel has repeats of your success back in the 1960s.

    Arsenal are just completely hopeless. 8 years and counting. Arsenal fans should just stop criticising MUFC and look at your own team’s flaws and faults.

    The Everton, Newcastle and Spurs fans are by far the truest fans I know. Lemme throw in Sheffield Wednesday too. They stick with their side through thick and thin no matter how rough their season is!

    Oh yes, almost forgot about Chelsea. Your glory days are over. You have ridden your luck long enough.

  4. @Reesi … being a fan since 2002 is fine…..the problem united fans are facing at the moment is…these city fans who rub off the title win of last season in our face….where did they all of a sudden come from…i know of only ONE city fan and even he only started supporting them about 3 seasons ago and his main reason was ” i chose a side that none of our friends support” which i find good enough, he also doesnt carry on about the fact they wwon and all that….guess the main things United fans HATE is other teams tuning us where they arent even close to the amount of trophies we have….another thing to take note of…last season liverpool had a bad season and finished 7th ? or 8th ? … i admit that United didnt have the greatest season as well but look we finished 2nd with same points and the only difference was Augero scoring with 1min left of the game !!!! so even tho we dont have a good season we still feature and try upgrade 🙂 BTW thanx Chelsea for my 42 FPL point for Hazard !!! if you watched the game, i think hazard should of finished the last goal, i even referred to wallie saying ” i dont think hazard knows there are fantasy leagues going on” hahahaha SAFE OUENSSSSS

  5. To be fair players in general leave for money, not only Arsenal players, Torres springs to mind.
    Loyalty is dead in football.
    As a Gooner I’m glad we’ve sold Song and RvP, if players don’t want to play for the club they can leave.
    When Henry left we were in ‘crisis’, when Cesc left we were in ‘crisis’, we’ll get by without Van Per$ie and Song.
    Gary Neville: “Arsenal football club is the most important thing, players are just grains of sand on the beach. Arsenal is 125-years old.”

    Players in the squad will step and take charge.

    People seem to forget that we’re the only club in the big 4 that isn’t owned by one person, and until that day comes we honestly wont be able to complete with Man U and Shitty, purely because their pockets are deeper than ours, it’s tragic that in the end its all come down to money.
    Nonetheless Wenger’s made some great signings this summer.

    Arsenal won’t win the title this year but top 3 is more than possible.
    Teams dominate for periods of time. Man U and Shitty’s dominance will subside.

  6. I have found a City fan – his name is Graeme (@real_maverick on Twitter) – he admitted to being a MCFC fan right out in the open. Suspect he may be a Spurs fan who defected. Of course, if you ask any MUFC fan there are no Chelsea fans – we were all City fans who ran to the Blue…or some such drivel (I glaze over like a Christmas ham at best of times when most MUFC fans start).

    Great post sir.

  7. Interesting analysis. My 2 cents:

    I don’t think Liverpool supporters are the most hated, I believe that title belongs to the United fans. Liverpool fans are loathing, I personally blame Rafa’s later years for this. As a Barca fan I feel your analysis is 50/50.

    Yes, I feel Barca are the best team in the world, at lease for the past 3 seasons. And yes, the Messi-Ronaldo debate will continue at-nausea BUT I watch the EPL every week and I don’t believe La Liga is better than EPL, it hasn’t been for many many years.

    There are the little things that make Barca better: Like La Massia, no EPL team produces as many youngsters who end up playing for the senior squad and the Camp Nou being one of the most spectacular arenas in the world.

    Keep up the quality posts!

    1. I love the academy teams, especially La Masia & all they’ve achieved. I do think that England/MUFC have great academy’s & philosophies too though. La Masia is amazing – the only academy to produce all 3 Ballon D’Or nominees in 1 year (Messi, Xavi & Iniesta). Also, I think Barca are 60%+ academy players.

      From what I know, La Masia only came about in the 80’s after Cruyff demanded something similar to Ajax’s academy. Man UTD have had an academy player in every squad since 1937 – 75 years, the Busby Babes won the league with an average age of 21 (nearly all academy players), nearly 2400 national team caps from MUFC graduates. In 2012/13 there are 13 MUFC graduates playing for other BPL teams. Pique trained at both academies, graduated from MUFC though.

      I love both academies & don’t want to knock one, but I think La Masia graduates struggle to make it elsewhere. Here’s my notable La Masia graduates that are still playing = Reina, Arteta, Bojan, Motta. Perhaps it’s because hardly any other team plays to a similar style? Whatever the reason, La Masia is so good that Barca hardly need money to buy players – they’ve got a farm. Literally, I think it used to a farm.

      Let me know your thoughts & great piece Ryan!!

  8. Ok hang on oaks. Someone has got to defend liverpool here! Had a terrible few seasons yes, and made some shocking signings… But, you all know, if liverpool play the top teams, its game on! So everyone can drop a comment about their league position, but only wigan and wolves fans can say that their teams are better! Utd are most hated, only because their manager consumes more bubblegum than china as a whole! Chelsea love losing against liverpool… Ps. Jay spearing for life!!

  9. Oh and the reason we are so “anti-Liverpool” is only because of the way some fans treat us. Before I avidly started watching, I was anti-ManUtd due to everyone on that boat but then I realized the Utd fans are actually much more chilled. I prefer their company (but these are the TRUE Utd fans…not the fly by nights)

  10. Great post I must say! Although I am a Sao Paulo and Brasil fan through and through, I do enjoy watching the Premier League and I must admit that what you have mentioned on your post is absolutely correct!

    As the only neutral here and on Twitter (I think), that is exactly the same view that I have! Although Man U fans can and are entitled to have bragging rights, some of them can be a bit of a pain. I guess I am in the good books with them though because even on a neutral position I think Carrick is a horrible player!

    I have sympathy for Liverpool fans as I actually have family members that support them and many a friend that also does. When their team is in dire straits I like to point out the positives. That last game against Man City though is worth of a praise!

    Chelsea fans are pretty awesome and I have no complaints. Twitter is never flooded with bragging rights etc etc because they don’t feel the need to prove a point.

    Tottenham fans are indeed humble to the core. My boss at my job is a Spurs fan (from Tottenham born and bred) and he is always overjoyed when they pull out a result.

    Anyway I could go on here forever, but I just would like to say that as a neutral I enjoy all the banter that goes on come Matchdays. Please post more stuff like this asap 🙂

  11. Liverpool fans are generally not liked because they fill their twitter feeds with nonsense like ‘This is our year’ (it’s NOT).

    I’ve seen quiet a few City fans recently on twitter. They’re all glory boys who used to support another side. @dirkvale is a prime example of this.

    Chelsea fans on twitter are as you rightly said split into two groups. The post Abramovic fans are split into a sub group though. Chelsea fans who are ‘glory boys’ and those who used to support Arsenal. Arsenal have always had a large African support base, but Chelsea have taken a lot of them away with their success and African players in the squad.

    As for my team Manchester United: 1- True fans know Carricks true worth to the team. 2- Giggs are Scholes can be criticised and have been at fault this season. 3- Refer to the side as MUFC or Manchester United not ‘Man U’. Anyone who knows anything about the club would never call them that. It has reference to the Munich air disaster.

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