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Football Needs Creators – Ft. Paul Pogba

Football Needs Creators

The timing of adidas’ new campaign featuring Paul Pogba is a little bit ironic, really.

The first Football Needs Creators campaign video just launched and features a young Paul Pogba as he plies his trade in the streets of France – eventually, the kid grows up to become the superstar we know today.

Although we all know that Pogba can be devastatingly creative with a Football, it is no secret that he has shown very little of that creativity since going back to Manchester United at the start of this season.

In fact, one thing that is quite noticeable from the video is that they had to use “fake” footage of Pogba in a United shirt, to re-create a moment of genius… that’s how few of them there has been so far this season.

Who knows, though – a player of his quality could come right at any time, and that time might even be this evening at Anfield.

Watch the new video below.


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