Introducing: The Pundits Hockey at Cape Town 10’s


For the last couple of years, The Pundits FC have been making waves (mostly for the wrong reasons) in and around the Fives Football courts of the Mother City. This weekend, however, we enter an entirely new field of play at the Zando Cape Town 10’s with The Pundits Hockey.

Those who know Keegan and I, will understand that this is a more natural environment for us – Keegan is an avid Hockey coach and ex-player and I still try to play as my coaches ponder about whether they will ever be able to teach me to stop a ball.

When Cape Town 10’s announced their new Hockey section, we had no choice but to say “yes“.

In doing so, we set the ball rolling in the transfer market to sign players as effectively as possible and with the exception of Bryce West, we managed to slap together a very decent squad.

The Pundits Hockey’s 10-men (and women) squad, is made up of the following players:

  • Non-Playing Captain – Ryan Wallace
  • Keegan Kruger
  • Bryce West
  • Nic Compton
  • Devin Stanton
  • Jacki Mohlaba
  • Brent Swart
  • Angelique Truter
  • Kaydee Miller
  • Niki du Toit
  • Simone Strydom

The Kit

Any Cape Town 10’s regular knows that kit plays a very important role in any 10’s team. We decided for something that encapsulates the spirit of The Pundits Hockey and came up with the design below.

The Pundits Hockey

If you’re attending the event this weekend, be on a lookout for our pop-art creations and come say hi to the team – as with The Pundits FC, we need all the support we can get.


For those keen to catch The Pundits Hockey in action, please take note of our fixtures below:

Friday 02 February

  • 12:30 – The Pundits vs Asking for a Friend…
  • 15:00 – The Pundits vs Kempston United
  • 17:00 – The Pundits vs Honey Badgers 10

Saturday – 03 February

  • 11:30 – The Pundits vs Boogie Knights

The knockout rounds will kick-off from 12:30 and fixtures thereafter will depend on where we end in our pool.

If you still need tickets to the event, head over to Zando and get yours now!

Remember: If you’re attending, water is scarce but beer is plentiful.

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