Island2Bays Challenge Diary – Repetitive Numbness

The Islands2Bays Challenge

Time. You only have so much of it in a day, a week, a month, a year. This has never been more apparent to me than now, because as the Island2Bays Challenge closes in, I am running out of time to be ready.

The Island2Bays needs a fair amount of planning, and more importantly, training. So when it comes to trying to cram in runs, swims and cross-training into my already packed daily schedule, I am officially struggling to keep up.

The plan at the moment is to run five times a week and swim at least four times a week. Running hasn’t been a problem, but getting those swims in has been. Running entails a pair of trainers and stepping out my front door. That’s it. I can also run any time and – generally speaking – anywhere. Swimming, not so much.

I am making excuses, of course, because I could make time for it if I really wanted to. But swimming, to be honest, is a pain in the ass right now. It’s cold and boring in the pool. I can’t think of anything worse than slipping into a speedo and swimming laps for more than an hour. Mind-numbing is an understatement. I am pretty sure Sharky would disagree with me here, because judging by his update last week, he doesn’t seem to find much joy in running. Maybe we should have made this a relay…

I have been here before. It always happens. Repeat something often enough and what was once enjoyable becomes highly unenjoyable. Running is something I enjoy immensely, but when I find it becomes mundane, I change the route, change the pace and change my damn playlist.

When I trained for my first Robben Island Crossing, the training got to me in a big way. The constant counting off of laps, ever-present smell of chlorine and awkward sharing of lanes made me want to burn my costume and chuck my goggles into the nearest trash can. I hate repetition and swimming in a pool is a case study in repetition.

I am going to have to mix it up now and the only way I can do that is by getting out of the pool and into open water as soon, and as often, as possible. Thankfully Silvermine isn’t too far off and the dam there is perfect for a swim (yes, I know I will basically be doing laps there as well, but at least it’s pretty) with plenty of trail to run when I am done.

Company, of course, would be most welcome, so if anybody is up for a bit of a splash, a run, or both, let me know. The conversation at least will keep it from becoming too mundane.

The Island2Bays Challenge

Raising funds for the Philippi Children’s Centre. & will complete a Robben Island swim followed by a run from Big Bay to Hout Bay.

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