Island2Bays Challenge Diary – Raw Nipples & Lost Toenails

The Islands2Bays Challenge

I have lost 2 toenails, my nipples are either raw or have scabs, I struggle to put deodorant on because it stings so much due to the chafe and I end up burning out because I am chasing fictitious trophies on Strava, but otherwise, you well?

This week has been one of the better ones for me with regards to running. I am not a runner, I would prefer to be in the water or painting my room purple. I have, however, needed to adjust my head space a bit in order to make sure that come the end of August we are able to finish the #Island2Bays Challenge, hit (Hopefully exceed) our target donation amount and support the Philippi Children’s Centre in the way that they deserve.

Rob, has put me on a pretty decent marathon training program (because he knows I want to do everything at full speed) in that it is a time on the legs program as opposed to a km’s complete style program. Obviously there are suggested distances to cover but the way I look at it, what you lose on the swings, you make up for on the roundabouts.

The week has been filled with runs and swims as I try break through that ‘getting fit stage‘ but the truth of the matter is, I struggle to not fall asleep at my desk from 11am and I can not stop eating. I have turned into a hoover and no food is safe around me.

This week will probably be my biggest training week in many years as we have 6h30m of running scheduled and 2-3 hours of swimming. So far all is on track but the weekend is going to be interesting with all the Saturday rugby on TV, followed by a just under 3hr run on Sunday…Who does that??!!??

I will say that focusing on making sure we complete this for the children of Philippi Children’s Centre has made it so much easier. The motivation and drive is not far away when you know that you can positively benefit the lives of 250+ children.

We cannot reach our target without your support. Whether you donate (1st prize), spread the word or join us for a bit of the swim or run leg we would be grateful. Next week, Rob will update you on our progress.

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