Island2Bays Challenge – Have We Lost Our Minds?

The Islands2Bays Challenge

If there’s one thing I have learnt over the years, it is this: The less information I give @Carcharius, the better. I start by luring him in and then drop the details on him later. This way, I know by that point he won’t be backing out of our latest adventure.

This time, the ‘hook’ was an epic challenge for a great cause. That’s all he needed to get on board. By the time I explained the details of the Island2Bays Challenge, @Carcharius was raring to go.

What exactly is this epic challenge for a great cause, I hear you ask.

Island2Bays Challenge

We start with a Robben Island Crossing – a 7-8km swim from Robben Island to Big Bay – and we follow it up with a 53km run from Big Bay to Hout Bay. It’s bound to be brutal, but it’s also going to be an epic journey for both of us.

More importantly, though, is why we are doing this – raising funds for the Philippi Children’s Centre.

The aim is to raise R250 000 for the centre, all of which will be used to help pay for meals, school fees and transport to and from school. Since opening their doors in 1993, the staff and volunteers at the centre have been doing incredible work, but the reality is that they need more financial support to keep things going.

So, in August, if the conditions play ball, the two of us will set off from Robben Island for a journey into the unknown. We have both done the swim before – @Carcharius more than once – and I have done a similar run, but we have never combined the two.

There are plenty of variables we need to account for, including the water temperature, sea conditions, dehydration and, of course, injury. But then, that’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it?

Knowing that we are doing it for such a great cause will certainly drive us on. But while we have a cause to motivate us, we are still in dire need of support!

Whether that support comes in the way of donations, joining us for the swim, for the run, or for both, or even just waiting on the beach and along the road to cheer us on, we need it desperately. Without it, the road to our goal will be a lot harder.

Now, I know that there are a number of projects out there asking for your support, but I cannot stress enough just how important it is to give these kids a solid platform to start from.

Nothing is more important in a child’s life than food in their belly and a good education. The Philippi Children’s Centre provides both, but like I said, the funds at their disposal are limited. The more we contribute to the cause, the better chance they have of continuing their incredible work.

To contribute, please click here to go to our Back a Buddy page

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