Island2Bays Challenge Diary – Doing it for the Philippi Children’s Centre

The Islands2Bays Challenge

The Island2Bays Challenge is a 8km swim from Robben Island to Big Bay, followed by a 53km run from Big Bay to Hout Bay. The aim is to raise R250 000 to pay for meals, school fees and transport at the Philippi Children’s Centre.

The trickiest part of this challenge has been fitting the training in, but by making a plan to get in all the hours needed, it’s also been incredibly rewarding. Early morning runs, lunch-time swims, and post-dinner cross-training (chicken breasts repeating in my mouth notwithstanding) are now the norm and I would struggle to remember when I have been stronger.

Motivation is key, of course, and while I concocted the Island2Bays Challenge as a personal feat of endurance, it was only when we attached the Philippi Children’s Centre to the challenge that it became a passion project.

Motivating yourself to work out after dinner is never going to be easy, while slipping into an ice cold pool after a 15km+ run in the midst of a Cape Town winter is not much fun, so I find having a reason to do this, beyond my own ego, has proved to be a considerable driving force.

The kids, their families, and the staff at the Philippi Children’s Centre are all deserving of our support and they are now the only reason I am doing this. Without them, I would probably pack it in, and while a lot of the focus has been on the Challenge itself, I would like to draw the attention back to the reason for the Challenge, which is raising funds for the school.

The Island2Bays Challenge is not about me – or @Carcharius – or anybody else that has come on board to help us. It is about giving the school, the students and staff some much-needed support. We have gone big with our target, perhaps TOO big, but as yet we haven’t made much in the way of progress on that front.

So, over the next couple of months, we want the attention to fall directly on the school and the amazing work being done there. We want to use our networks – and yours – to hit our target. We really do need help with this and I implore you to dig deep and get involved.

To put a human face to the work being done at the Philippi Children’s Centre, take a few minutes to watch the video shot there last month, and if you would like to donate your time, instead of money, I know Shamielah and her team would love to have you involved.

Please visit https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/the-island-2-bays-challenge to make a donation. Every little bit helps.

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