Why Liverpool Don’t need Philippe Coutinho

Liverpool Dont need Phillipe Coutinho

When Liverpool bought Coutinho from Inter Milan as a fresh-faced 21-year-old for the mere price of 8.5 million Pounds, not many pundits expected he would become the player that he is today. After his very recent transfer to the mighty Barcelona, I take a look and see if Liverpool really need the services of Coutinho, to carry on with their good form in the second part of the season and secure much-needed Champions League Football, for a second season in a row.

Let’s face it though, any team will miss the services of a great footballer. Phil Coutinho mesmerized defenders and goalkeepers for five whole seasons in England and was a real pleasure to watch. His quick feet, fantastic technique and desire to win football matches set him apart from most of the other players in the Premier League.

For these reasons (and many others), I think he will be an instant hit in Barcelona and outshine even what his fellow countryman, Neymar, did at the Nou Camp.

With that said, the in-depth stats that I am going to show you, will reveal that, in fact, Liverpool performs better without Coutinho and has a better win ratio this season, when he hasn’t been involved in matches.

You can see below the stats of Coutinho for the last four seasons. As you can see by the numbers (Premier league fixtures only), they aren’t, out-of-this-world great and are behind the best stats in the league.

I know many people will disagree with me and suggest his influence on a game is greater than any stats can show, which in a way is true, however, goals win Football matches and Phil Coutinho hasn’t had a significant impact in creating or scoring many goals for Liverpool.

In his total appearances for Liverpool he played in 152 matches, scored 41 goals and had 35 assists. This season, the Brazilian’s individual statistics are already shaping up to be similar to those of last year, with an average passing accuracy of 82% (as opposed to 84% last season) leading to a chance being created every 19.02 mins (19.52mins last season).

Likewise, his shooting accuracy of 56% (55% last season) is almost identical as of last season, suggesting he has reached a plateau of sorts in the past two seasons and is probably as good as he is ever going to be in a Liverpool shirt.

Looking at these figures, I feel is the reason, Jurgen Klopp decided to cash in on the Brazilian and try buy an even better, younger acquisition (who that will be is yet to be seen).

I quite like the front three of, Salah, ‘Bobby’ Firmino (as the Liverpool fans call him) and the African power-house, Sadio Mane. Behind them in a midfield three should be, Oxlade-Chamberlain (yes, he is quality), Wjinaldum and Emre Can.

The recent recruitment of Virgil Van-Dyk at the back will hopefully sort out our defensive frailties and a quality, experienced, goal keeper is desperately needed (Has been needed for many years now).

As you can tell by the 4-3 win over City, without Coutinho we have no problem scoring goals and we will keep on scoring. Again, keeping stats in mind, below you can see Liverpool has picked up more points per game this season without Coutinho in the starting lineup.

Its only whether we are able to keep a team at the bay and keep a clean sheet that will decide the fate of our season.

Whichever way, Champions League football or not, FA cup winners or not, I will carry on supporting Liverpool, till the day I die. And as all Liverpool supporters say, ‘maybe next season will be our season’, after all: its only been 28 years since.

Today I’ll leave you with Liverpool supporters new song marking the departure of Philippe Coutinho.

@TyroneM09 from out!

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