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NETFIT from PUMA – Creativity meets Performance


Puma Netfit

I get many product launch emails in my inbox every week and very rarely do I get super excited by something as I did when I first heard, and saw, about NETFIT. NETFIT is a unique, customisable lacing system that offers infinite performance and style options, all in one shoe.

In short, NETFIT allows you to lace your PUMA running shoes, whichever way you want. This allows you to strap your shoes to your feet in certain ways to enhance running performance and allow for a more comfortable run, but also allows you to be creative when wearing the shoes for casual reasons.

Puma IGNITE NetFit

From the track, to the gym, to the street, NETFIT Technology will be featured on several sports and performance shoes, giving users the chance to totally customise their fit and style. The innovation and performance teams at PUMA have developed five different lacing options to help provide guidance, but the possibilities to lace are endless. The 5 lacing systems include Standard lacing, for runners who need minimal support; Stability lacing, for runners who need additional medial support; Wide Foot lacing, for runners with wider feet that need extra room; Narrow Foot lacing, for runners with narrow feet; and Heel Support lacing, for runners who prefer a tighter fit around the heel.

What really draws me to the new NETFIT shoes and lacing options, is the fact that it can be used for performance and style. If I’m honest, most of PUMA’s running shoes are a little too loud to wear casually – but the colours and styles in this NETFIT range can very easily be worn as a sneaker option, for those who aren’t that into running.

Griezman NETFIT

Having said that, as someone who’s ran with a wide range of PUMA shoes, I can guarantee you that the NETFIT range will be more than capable when you put feet to the tar – I mean, it’s good enough for Usain Bolt, afterall.

To get an idea of what NETFIT is all about, check out the video of the launch:

PUMA NETFIT Technology will officially be launched in May 2017 and will be available starting now with the Speed IGNITE NETFIT (currently in-store); men’s and women’s IGNITE NETFIT, Tsugi NETFIT, IGNITE Limitless NETFIT (15 July) and 365 evoKNIT NETFIT (August).

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