Owe your mate for those post-match beers? Pay it back with SPOT.

SPOT Mobile Phone Payments

We all know how it goes. Some days times are tough and cash is hard to come by – but this is what friends are for. When one mate needs a beer or two after a big game, but has no money, any true friend will spot him a couple because we all know, sooner or later he will pay you back.

The only problem is, we also all know that guy, who always has excuses as to why he cannot repay the money.

“I lost my bank card.”
“The dog ate my cash.”
“I’m out of town.”
“I don’t have my account details on me”

Blah, blah, blah – just SPOT me the money you owe me” – All you and your friends need is the new payment app that allows you to send money from phone to phone, and it goes straight into your bank account.

With SPOT, payments are done in-app in only a couple of simple steps. Split bills, lost bets and re-paying a mate for the match-day tickets can all be done easily, safely and affordably from one phone to another.

You can even make money by using SPOT – Use PUNDIT5 as your promo code.

Similar to Uber’s referral program, SPOT will reward you for signing up friends – except, they give you cash money, instead of credit. You can literally get money for nothing (and chicks for free?)

Simply use PUNDIT5 as your promo code to receive money! 

~ Click here to download ~

Downloading the app and referring a friend with a unique referral code immediately earns you R20 which goes directly into your account linked to the card you’ve saved on the app – easy money in the palm of your hands. 

Download the SPOT Money Transfer App

I’ve been playing around with the app and I must admit, it looks impressive. All I need now is for you to sign up as well – who knows, I might even owe you money one day and pay it via the SPOT app.

When signing up for the app, use PUNDIT5 as your promo code to qualify for your free R20 payment. – Click here to download.


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