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Premier League Preview: Gameweek 1

The Pundits Premier League Preview

To sit here and write a preview after what transpired last season, is nearly impossible. Any predictions that I might make, could well just be shattered by the likes of Leicester City. Then again, I should probably not speak of Leicester like that – the Premier League Champions deserve more respect. I do apologize.

What I can say is this: We are in for another bumpy ride as the Premier League kicks off this weekend – the world’s biggest soap opera is back and it very rarely fails to entertain. With some big new signings and the inclusion of some of the most decorated managers in world Football, it is anyone’s guess as to how this might transpire.

Leicester City

Surprisingly, the Premier League Champions have managed to keep hold of most of their star players from last season – now there’s a sentence I never thought I would write. The unlikely heroes of last season will have their hands full, with Champions League football being added to their roster.

With the extra games, I don’t forsee them repeating their feats of last season. I won’t be surprised if fatigue sets in fairly early and after such a balls-to-the-wall season, they might just start picking up some injuries as well.

I think they would do well to finish mid-table.

Manchester United

Of course, I have to mention these guys. After watching Jose Mourinho on the sidelines this weekend, it has finally settled in that he did the unthinkable – he went from Chelsea FC to Manchester United. It still hurts, if I have to be honest, and although I love him dearly for what he has done at Chelsea, I do not wish him well at United.

United have been busy this transfer window (and the last couple of windows) and this season they will have to show more for it than they have under Louis van Gaal. Jose has finally been able to sign Pogba and Zlatan, players whom he’s been after for a good couple of years – it might take Pogba a while to settle into the Premier League (he never quite did last time around) but these two men can be massive for United’s title hopes.

With Jose and their crop of new signings, they will be a side to be reckoned with.


Panic buys and fourth place 😉 At one point they will look like they could win the league and then end up bottling it all up. If Wenger does not win the Premier League this season, which he won’t, then the club should put him out of his misery. (This part may or may not have been copied straight from my last 4 Premier League Previews.)

Manchester City

Another new manager. Pep Guardiola is no stranger to fans of the Premier League as many of the Champions League teams in England has felt his wrath before. I’m not entirely sure if his Tiki Taka style of Football would work in the Premier League, so he might need to change it up. If Arsenal has taught us anything, it’s that beautiful Football is not always winning Football in England.

He inherits a squad filled with talent, which has largely underperformed of late, and with big-money signings like John Stones coming in, they will be genuine title contenders.

Tottenham Hotspur

They will fail to win at Stamford Bridge and finish somewhere below wherever Arsenal finish.


Jurgen Klopp has had the time to settle into the league now. Last season they were very good at stages, which is exactly their problem – they will need to sort out their inconsistencies.

I know pre-season is not always as telling as some would make it out to be, but beating Barcelona one day and losing to Mainz the next, just proves my point.

Be more consistent, and Liverpool could take it this season – but I don’t think they will.

Chelsea FC

Another new manager at Stamford Bridge should not surprise anyone. What is more surprising is, despite their poor showing last season, they are one of the form teams coming into this season (considering the last 10 matches or so).

Defensively they need a signing or two, but up-front their players seem to have hit a rich vein of form. Hazard has been back to his best while Oscar’s form will surely give Conte some selection headaches.

What people seem to forget is that the bulk of this team, is a Premier League winning team, and although last season would tell you otherwise, on form, they are good enough to do it again. Whether they will, will depend greatly on Conte’s decisions on formation and style.

All in all, we have plenty to look forward to – this season could be the best yet and I personally believe it is too close to call. I do, however, think that the two Manchester sides might have the upper-hand before a Football has been kicked.

Betting Picks

Weekend Accumulator


Leicester at 1.95
Man City at 1.22Man United at 1.80
Chelsea at 1.61


Arsenal vs Liverpool at 3.40
Everton vs Spurs at 3:30

Odds: 77/1

Four Fold

Leicester at 1.95
Man City at 1.22
Man United at 1.80
Chelsea at 1.61

Odds: 6/1

Draw Treble

Arsenal vs Liverpool at 3.40
Everton vs Spurs at 3:30
Crystal Palace vs West Brom at 3.30

Odds: 37/1



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