Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pro-Footballers for a Day – Introducing the #11aSideJammityJamJam


Cape Town – For millions of Football fans around the world, the dream of playing in a professionally organised Football match, on a professional turf and at a professional club, is only that: a dream.

It is with this in mind, that Lorin Zealand set out to create the initiative known as the #11aSideJammityJamJam.

For many Football fans, planning a full-field Football match can be a real headache. Finding enough players and a venue that is willing to accommodate them is a never-ending struggle.

For the longest time I’ve been watching football, all kinds, local, foreign leagues and international“, said Lorin.

For too long have we been supporters, imagining stepping into those boots of our heroes, and while this may seem small, having the opportunity to play at a legendary, established local PSL side’s training facility, with your closest mates, in a full-format football match is the closest we’ll get“, he continued.

To further add to the legitimacy of the match, professional photographers and massage therapists will be on-hand to capture the action and to treat any injuries or stiffness of the players.

The two teams, Brasselona and Bayer Neverlosen, are made up of Cape Town-based players of all walks of life, backgrounds and skill levels, making this a truly unique and fun-filled occasion, backed by one of the PSL’s most famous clubs, Ajax Cape Town.

While this is only the humble beginnings, the ultimate aim is to build the #11aSideJammityJamJam into a regular event that will enable Average Joe’s with a love of The Beautiful Game to feel like a professional for once in their lives.

Friends, families and fans are encouraged to come down to support this initiative and to join the banter online using #11aSideJammityJamJam across all platforms.

The #11aSideJammityJamJam is scheduled to kick off at 3pm on 01 May 2017, at Ikamva – the home and training ground of Ajax Cape Town.


None of this would be possible without the support, in various ways, of the following sponsors:

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