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Proteas Heartbreak – Why Always Us


By @notDeKock

This is not a tour diary. This is not my usual banter, slagging off my team mates. This is how I genuinely feel about my team, my country. A parody’s version, of course.

Walking into the change room, I lasted about 3 minutes before I could no longer bear it. The boys are broken. Consolations everywhere, tears, hugs, brotherhood. We’ve not lost this game, we’ve not disappointed anyone, we fought to the end. What we’ve done is broken the hearts of 46 million people and that’s what’s breaking this team right now. Individually my team are champions. I’ve been critical of many but when it comes to this, these moments. These men, reduced to boys’ tears, are champions.

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Dale can’t walk. An office worker would not be able to get up from his chair if he had this hamstring injury, he is a legend. He could’ve bowled that final ball anywhere, we were scripted to lose this and so it was always going to end this way. I  don’t think we need to remind people of Dale’s passion. He’s broken.

Morne is a beast. He’s cleverer than people think. Bossing those field placements for the balls he knew he would bowl. To see him staring down those size 17 boots with tears in his eyes, his cheeks red from the palms of his hands pressing up against them is overwhelming. This is only the start of describing this great team that deserved this win.

Hash is distraught. I’d like to see anyone else handle the pressure one man puts on himself to be the best he can possibly be without flinching a nerve in his body. A man that can take defeat on his shoulders because he cares so much about others, he will carry their defeat too. A man so talented I could only wish to be able to have an eye like he does. Nevermind his character.

Faf, for all the shit he gets about his style and looks (Which he loves by the way), there is not one player in world cricket that plays to a plan like he does. Come pace or spin, run rate up or down, he has a plan and he sticks to it. That’s what makes him quality. That’s what makes him our best number 3 in all formats. Fact.

Rilee. Find me a player that’s just come into a team with this amount of talent and from the very first ball plays within himself and play the game he plays week in week out? Find me one, I dare you? He will walk in and play beyond his capabilities every single week. Every single net session. Comfortably the toughest batter to bowl at in a net session, respects no one. Backs himself.

David Miller. David Miller would move the earth to be a part of this team, David is the first one at nets, team meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the last one to leave. Hard hitter is an understatement. You think BMAC made Dale look standard earlier, you haven’t seen Dave in full flow. He is distraught right now.

You know at the start of this tournament there was one player in this team that we all genuinely thought would be the one to win us this world cup, he would be the one to somehow do something special for us. And if I’m perfectly honest, he was completely underused and never got the opportunity to showcase his real talent on the big stage. That’s JP. And you know what, shame on you if you blame him for that catch. You out there, you want to win it for your country, that ball goes up, you would do whatever it takes to take it and win the game for your brothers and 46 million people back home. The only thing that prevented that was there were 45 000 opposition fans screaming and he couldn’t hear shit. Stop judging individual players. You don’t know what it’s like.

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Big Vern. Lots of questions are being asked here. And you know what South Africa. Not one of us will back down from a challenge, if someone throws us the ball, gives us the bat, we get the nod. We do it. We do it for you and for our team. Vern was given the ball and he did everything he possibly could and in fact, how about looking at the lack of luck he had on his side today. How many of those balls clipped another coat of paint on the off stump from a traditional seam up ball by the big man. How many more times could Corey Anderson be cut in half by a peach and not clip the bails, or take an edge. Besides his first over, he bowled some beauties in that innings that not many seam bowlers would on that deck.

Imran Tahir does not get the credit he deserves. I’ve kept wicket since I was tiny, and never have I had to work as hard as this to keep to a bowler who bowls with superb control, disguise and patience. You know what I wanted out of all of this today, it was to see the Immy’s celebration in that final over of his. We wanted it for him, he was our guy, but as for that script I mentioned earlier, it simply was never meant to be because in any other game, Corey Anderson did not have a clue and he would’ve been out 4 balls in.

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Same can be said for Kyle. Kyle came into this world cup needing to somehow outplay 3 of the world’s best fast bowlers. He pushed and he pushed and he pushed. And not only did he push, did anyone notice his performances? He bowled the best I’ve ever seen him bowl. Some say he should’ve got the nod today but right now, this team doesn’t need hindsight. We don’t care right now who should’ve played. What’s done is done.

To the two boys that received the most flack and the third that carried our drinks and formed a bigger part of this team than the credit he was given. I’m sorry for all the times I took the p*ss out of you at this world cup. You not only took the blow to sit out of the biggest matches of your careers, you are the boys that are roaming the changing rooms right now consoling the giants of the game because today, we are all on the same level. No one is better than anyone else in this change room. Farhaan, today you had the opportunity to redeem yourself with that catch but we all know it wasn’t your fault. That script prevented you from taking it. Wayne, keep doing what you do, look how good Trent Boult is today with hard work and patience. And Aaron. Big things ahead for you, my friend. You have an entire country behind you.

AB, my captain, our captain. I have no words for your talent. There is not one person at this world cup that deserved to lift that trophy on behalf of 46 million. Francois Pienaar, John Smit, Neil Tovey. They all did it, my hope for this team is that you will be added to that list one day. When we get back to our beloved, we will be right behind you. We will behind you when the critics hit, we will be behind you when the papers have a field day and we will certainly be behind you in 2019. Thank you.

For myself and my tournament. All I can say South Africa is, I’m sorry. I tried my best.

Not Quinny.

Who was the best Protea at the 2015 World Cup? Vote in our poll on the right of the website.


Written for The Pundits by @notdekock

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  1. I’ve loved following all the chirps and running commentary from you so far. I’ve giggled and chuckled but this piece is so overwhelmingly emotional I just have tears. The Proteas deserved that win and this is a beautiful tribute to the champions they are.

    1. For me Kyle Abbot was the best with the ball when he was selected and AB the best with the bat. We have some great individual players, best in the world. Real pity it never goes our way in the tournaments.

    2. Well said Quinny. We are proud of you guys. Still behind you all the way. PROTEA FORE FOREVER. You are all great awesome Heroes & Camps in your own way.

    3. My heart is broken! My eyes full of tears, but to see our men with tears in their eyes is just heartbroken! They showed the whole wold what they are made of. I will always be your biggest fan! Love you guys….. You are the best And we are very proud of you guys!!!!

      @ “Quinny”
      This letter touched my heart and you opened up your heart to us. Thank you for that. Any person would like to win. We are made like that and believe me, I was stunned at what happen! I believed that this year was our year. Well it wasn’t, but this is now the time to work even harder. And show the rest of the wold that you’s are the best and will always be. This year wasn’t meant for us. Each and everyone of you can walk with your heads high, because you made us proud. The win wasn’t there, but we all could see that you’s gave your best and that was enough! We will always be there for you guys! ALWAYS

  2. We are proud of the Boys they fought till the end to us your are champions never forget that Protea always and forever big ups Boys

  3. This deserves to printed in every newspaper tomorrow morning… sums up absolutely perfectly how 46 million people are feeling right now.

  4. Well done guys. You did us proud. Would have wanted nothing more that trophy for South Africa but sometimes despite all you do it just does not work out! Still as a fan I appreciate all the effort and pure passion.
    Come home you deserve a rest!

  5. Couldn’t have put it better lad
    Still very proud of the boys
    Proteas are still no 1 in my eyes

  6. Great peace! With tears in my eyes. I say thank you Proteas for giving your all this world cup. I truly hope that AB will lift the cup for us one day. Always behind you. #ProteaFire!!!!

    1. LOL for no shit Sherlock… not 54 million people support our Proteas and not 54 million watch cricket you eejit!! LOL

  7. This is an intellectual letter written by an undefined academic of the game… Amazingly written and so true. AB in my opinion and seemingly of recent stats is the best all rounder in the world but that is in the same breath meaningless when you judge him by his ever gentile Captaincy… Proteas for life!

  8. I’ve never felt as proud about our boytjies as I did today. Yes a win would’ve been neat, but Quinny like you said it was always going to end this way, and we accept that. Thanks to the team for keeping the protea fire burning in al of us! We’ve got your backs no matter what! #ProteaFire

  9. Ons is trots agter julle manne al die pad. wen of verloor. goed gespeel, legendary game gewees. Niemand is te blameer nie. Julle het die wereld se respek en ons is seer saam julle, maar ons staan op, ons staan saam, goeie dinge le voor!!! Jul is manne met integriteit, rolmodele, inspirasie, en kampioene all the same! #ProteaFire!!

  10. Today I’m proud to say that I’m a Protea supporter. We as South Africans are always quick to criticize, but let met refresh our memory of games and World Cups gone past.
    I was privileged enough to see all the world cups South Africa have played in and if i could change one thing it would definitely not be to win NZ today. There have been great times in SA cricket history, but never in our history have we set more records and played better cricket than the last couple of months.
    This World Cup have South Africa written all over it.
    – AB’s overall performance and a brilliant fastest 50, 100 and 150 in all ODI history.
    – SA outstanding 411 against WI…not a Afganistan of Canada, WI !!
    – All out best fielding side of the world cup…. you try and communicate with a fellow teammate over a crowd of 40000 opponent fans… if you are thinking about today’s dropped catches.
    – Scored 1878 @ 297 overs thats 6.32 per over in the group stages second best to Australia’s 6.59 who played one game less and faced the 2 lowest ranking teams.
    – David Miller Strike Rate of 139
    …so I ask myself and countless other SA supporters one question. Who is the most deserving team to win the world cup… well my answer is simple after today. SA lost to India, stumbled against Pakistan, but won Sri Lanka in our best possible match of any world cup. Today we lost against the most deserving and best team of the 2015 world cup, any WC in my opinion. The best team in my opinion in the world at the moment is still SA overall. NZ are on a streak and played a walk in the park quarter. We played a faultless one against one of the top 4 teams in the world.

    Take off your hats to NZ, but keep them off till our boys land back in SA. Learn from their absolute devotion towards their Country and salute them for a well played semifinal game that will go down as our best ever against the best team anyone have seen in a world cup. They can hold their heads up high and we as supporters should do the same in the spirit of the game.

  11. I felt proud watching everyone of you giving your best. It was a fight to the end you didnt lose you won the hearts of south Africa. A more deserving team does not exist. The passion and determination by each was mind boggling you made me proud to be a south African. Well well fone and thank you. You were a pleasure to watch

  12. You guys do know that the person who wrote this is not actually Quinton but it’s a fake profile on Twitter. He even posted during the match while Quinton was obviously on the field playing… Damn you guys are so gullible… research much The Pundits?

  13. Win or Lose.We Love you guys.
    We support you when you Win so We will support you when you Lose.
    Reading this article it’s clear to me you guys are all Captains you guys are all Champions.
    #ProteasForLife!!!!!….2 many happy memories 2 turn our backs on you.
    One Love Quinny!!!

    1. I agree . Before leaving our shores AB stated on tv that he had no doubt that the Proteas would win the world cup. I can just imagine what the Aussies are doing right now . having a huge laugh

  14. i shared every moment with you guys across the tournament and I cried with you yesterday. I too was gutted. But it was because we didn’t get to lift the cup. At no point would I dare to imagine the pressure, th stress and the responsibility placed on your shoulders. You all deserved the win. You were outstanding and you made the country proud. I am not a massive cricket fan generally but after this World Cup I’m a massive protea fan. Head up boys. You were brilliant!

  15. There will never be a beter team..!!! Proteas..!!! I salute you Boys. a Winner is being recognise by the depths of there hearts. You displayed a depth far beyond eyes reach. Your hearts has shown how much you love this dear country of ours. Thank you for giving your tallent, energy, time, pain and hearts to us. We love you for ever.

  16. I am proud of each and everyone of you guys. Yes this is a hell of a blow but you all will rise up again you are simply the best. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are still the winners.

  17. So sorry you guys did not win – but you did the best you could and the odds were against you from the beginning. We are all so very proud of you – it was the most exciting game of cricket I have ever watched. Every single team member should hold you heads high!

  18. Would everybody just stop saying “we deserved the win”?! We did not! We were outplayed by a better team on the day and THEY deserved to win. Let us rather take our hiding like a man and give credit where it is due: New Zealand, we thought we had it. We backed our boys and really did not think you would manage to win this one, but you fought marvellously. You battled fiercely right up to the end and silenced our usually big sports mouths. Embarrasing, but you made us and our heroes cry…

    Yes, I am actually embarrased by all the cry-baby photo’s. I can only imagine how the rest of the cricket community will have a field day, especially the kiwis – knowing they made the “mighty proteas” cry like babies. Really – mighty warriors, contain your tears a bit, this is sport, nobody died….
    I know for a fact how we South Africans would make fun of the cry-photo’s if it was the Aussies or kiwis doing the teardance…

    1. Again I agree we were outthought and outplayed. Man for man NZ were better than Proteas . why was Phillander chosen ahead of Abbott when the latter bowled so well in previous game.AB must be feeling rather embarrassed now after all his comments about winning the cup

  19. Despite the loss, please don’t ever doubt just how proud your country is of you men. Of all the games you played in the World Cup, this was the one where you all came together as a team and you fought bravely to the very end. You’re correct in saying that this script was never written for you guys to win, but although you lost that battle, you will ultimately win that war, and I hope that 2019 brings great things for all of you. Us South Africans are behind you guys 100% of the way, and before you know it, we will be cheering you all on a second time in the final, and patting you all on the back when you come home with that cup. Please don’t lose your fighting spirits and heroic attitudes, because those are what are going to make sure you all return to fight again, and come out victorious. We love you guys, and always will.

  20. and that is why we will always stand behind the protea fire, 11 guys taking on the responsibility to carry the hopes of 60 million people, you have done us proud for such a small country to have an impact on the game it is amazing to see we are a thread in the eyes of big countries like india and australia

    dont ever doubt yourself, in my eyes this is the best side in the world.

  21. @notdekock We are proud of you and the whole team. People in public eye sometimes only hear the critics. They are the ones who usually do not have the faintest idea of what it all is about. People who have taken up the responsibility for any big challenge do understand that the game is only the final outcome. You are WINNERS. Losing a game does not define who you are. Character defines who you are. That is what I saw this WC. You will lift the trophy in the future, but the biggest victory has already been achieved. This victory was in showing who you really are in moments of defeat. You made us proud. The trophy would have been an acknowledgement, but the battle was won. The whole team are victors. What you can take with you from here, no one can take away.

  22. I watched every ball of every match we played in the ICCWC 2015. I also truly believed this year we owned this championship, right up the the second last ball in the last over. We, as a nation, couldn’t be more proud of our national cricket team if we tried. Well done Proteas, we will be there in 2019, you can count on it.

    I know it’s over and done, but if we could only have completed the 50 overs, this would have been a totally different conversation thread. That I know for sure.

  23. What a beautifully written piece. I am so proud of you guys. All I wanted was for you to bring back the trophy, not for the 46mil, but for yourselves because you deserved it. I agree fully with you that it was not meant to be, ‘ it wasnt scripted” You gave everything this world cup, and we could all see that you left your hearts in that field. We could not ask of anything more from you. You boys come home with your heads held high and we will receive you like the Hero’s you are!

  24. One thing is certain every one of you can hold your heads high! That was an epic match purely because you fought to the end! Well done boys

  25. Hard to See AB De Villers with Tears…..
    grant elliott is the first south african to go to cricket world cup final
    First of all congratulations to both the teams for producing such an exciting game.
    What a game of cricket, perfect semi, both teams played real good cricket.
    so the first ever final wc match for New Zealand.
    heartbreak for South Africa. Such a good team they have, but they somehow did not manage to hold their nerve under pressure.
    they missed out some easy run out chances N catches And that proved crucial in the end.

  26. Some of the giants of world cricket didn’t get as far as our guys. England, Windies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan….even India or Australia are going to be the next to go the way we did. Sure, there were some awful plays….but there were also some real bits of magic. I cheered every dot ball, every catch, every wicket, every run saved. Until the second last ball, it was anyone’s game and had we won, all the mistakes would have been forgotten in an instant. We lost. We lost because on the day the occasion was so overwhelming that it got to one or two of the guys. You ‘fans’ who are suddenly a lynch mob – you think YOU feel bad? Imagine how the players feel. I think the boys did ok. They did us proud.

  27. Well done Proteas Still a Fan Aways will be We can Plan To win but god is the best of planner’s except it lets move forward Love you Guys

  28. Who are the 46 million people? Surely not every South African out there… if so, it appears we’re missing just about 7 million of them!???!

  29. Quinny, well said my friend. It take a man to let it out like you have just done. Never and never will you and your team be criticised for lack of passion you have shown during the world cup. Unfortunately it did not work out. Maybe it takes us back to 1995 where the Kiwis were the favourites in our Country, but we won it. They were just as polished and ready as you were now, but the home vipe together with the greatness of it all took us through, just as it took them through now. After that world cup, NZ beat us regularly, with us winning hear and there, which is ecactly what is going to happen with them in the cricket. We will win 80% of the time, nevertheless that they may think that they are now at a new level.

    The greatness of the occasion, the crowd, the vipe, the home advantage, the energy in the air, the lady luck and what ever you may call it, were on there side this time round. You did your utmost and, I as a person, as so many others are proud of you and your team. AB, Faf, Miller, Morny, you and the rest are world class full of talent. I was also a keeper, and seeing you, I know that you are extremely good, and you will, if your health treats you well, become the best ever.

    You as a group took cricket to another level. AB with the bat and you with your keeping are two distinct improvements (and maybe there is a better word) that will be immitated by others to follow. Not even Bouch could take balls on the leg side so easily like you do with spinners. ” Dit gesê, wys jou wat die geeste doen, om juis julle twee, te laat misvang met die ingooie paaltjies toe op kritieke oomblikke.” As you have said, my friend “the scipt was written”, maybe even before the game.

    You remain our hero’s and we are proud of you. We will lift that cup someday, and maybe you will be one of the captains doing it for us, but first, AB have to do it in 2019. Thank you for your open letter, and I wish I can met you and the boys some day. AB anf Faf went to the same school were my boy is in matric this year.

    1. Sorry Quinton, there were so much tears in my eyes at the end of your article that I did not see that you said, “Not Quinny”

  30. Our hearts are not broken because NZ won, our hearts are broken because you deserved it!!! As a nation, we could not have been prouder of you even if you brought home the cup! You played your hearts out. We salute you proteas! #ourboys #proudlysouthafrican

  31. South Africans can take the lead from the Proteas and although we are down at the moment we will pick ourselves up and strive for better. Thank you Quinny for the inspirational message. We support the Proteas 100% come win or loose. What a fantastic tournament you have had. Let us welcome the boys back to O R Tambo with the support that they deserve.

  32. Very well thought out and honest article. Your passion for the game is very evident Quinton. Our eventual win of the World Cup WILL come. There’s a time and a place for everything….it just wasn’t our day. Please remember those that slander normally don’t have much to show for in their own lives….the team’s display at the 2015 WC was sensational. THANK YOU to all the guys for the professional way you conducted yourselves…. We’re very proud of you.

  33. This is so inspiring! Your passion, hunger, commitment and loyalty makes you great regardless of the score! You make me proud everytime I watch you boys and I couldnt be prouder of your performance yesterday. You are champions in every sense of the word. Behind you every step of the way. Thank you boys for being our heroes!

  34. Totally gutted. You did not lose because you were outplayed. You lost because all the breaks went against you. NZ played well and a tight match was again spoilt by rain and that DL system. It could so easily have been the Proteas game. But such are the vagaries of one-day cricket.

  35. Guys, sadly you lost. Only one team wins. Tears and “what could have been” are true. But sport is sport. The team/country that bounces back has guts. Stop crying, shake hands with the winner and get on with 2019. That is what sport is all about.

  36. Us true supporters will forever be very very proud to be supporters if our National Teams and our country.
    As I have mentioned on the various social netwirks, the Proteas played the way we would want our kids to play. They played with their hearts, and made us very proud.
    You will be upset and feel that you let the country and your supporters down. This proves your love for the game and your country.
    Every one of you will always be a Hero to us. If this is not the case, then we don’t understand life and the true spirit of sport.
    AB, you are our leader and we would not want it any other way. You are a example to not only us as South Africans, but to the world.

  37. You guys are such an inspiration to your fellow South Africans! Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine. Our hearts are breaking for our team, who gave it their all! We wish it could’ve gone the other way, but it didn’t. My husband and I got up at 2am to watch SA’s innings before going to work and then watched the last few overs of the game with total strangers in a café. The spirit was amazing! It was a truly unifying experience. It’s an extension of who you are as a team and as individual human beings. We love supporting you guys and we’ll always stand behind you! We are one massive 46million team!

  38. I have never been more proud of a team than AB and the boys. The effort & dedication we saw, no person could ask for more. And as disappointing as the result might have been it can not detract from the greatness of each player! I salute You!!

  39. That’s sport for you and that’s why we love it. There is always heartbreak and celebration. It why we play/support/watch. When you get to the final stages every individual is hungry to perform. That the beauty of sport.

    Over so many years, NZ vs SA matches (in NZ) are crackers and they always go down to the wire. Both teams showed nerves but also showed great guts and hunger. Noting more could ever be asked for. It moments like this that make you stronger, so keep on fighting guys… It what you do best!

  40. I am so proud to be called a South African at the moment. You guys did all you can in circumstances not in our control. I know that you guys are champions, and for me that is worth more than holding a trophy at the end of a world cup, We have your back for next season, and especially 2019 CWC.

  41. I was at the game and have never been prouder of the Proteas. For me, sitting amongst the Kiwi supporters who kept booing at the team and calling them names was one of the hardest things to do so I can just imagine how it must of been on the field. You all carried yourselves with dignity throughout. My heart broke with yours in those final moments. Keep the faith, our turn will come. SA forever!

  42. AB and the team I feel your pain…The tears haven’t stopped and it hurt seeing all of u in tears.. you fought till the end.. We are sad but very proud of our team!

  43. Hey Quinton, thanks for sharing this! I have bled with the teams of the past as I followed every ball since the 1992 World Cup, sitting at a radio and listening to our balls being reduced against England, watching Brian Lara being dropped and going on to score a century in 1996, being in England and experiencing that dreadful tie in 1999, the rain in 2003 and the mix up with the one run vs Sri Lanka…
    2007 and 2011 were fairly mediocre events and I think we had to build up confidence as a nation to believe that we could one day lift that trophy. You guys have done that for us! You were calculated and clever and unlucky all at the same time. Where NZ played with passion and pressure, we played with confidence and it should have been ours had the ball bounce right, but it didn’t. Four more years and a few new faces from the u19 world cup victorious side and I am right behind you again!!!! Rain or shine!

  44. Yes you guys dropped catches, missed a couple of run outs and stumpings, (all naturally crucial and potentially game changing), the rain probably worked against us, but you still took it to the 2nd last ball… you guys are champions and fighters. No shame at all, feel proud as all of SA are.

  45. Dear S/A supporters,

    I feel the pain, your team played their hearts out, it was so evident that it needs no explanation, its so easy for critics to comment and give post match analysis, they might have been in the same situation in their career but each time its new, its different, its massive and thats what differentiates men from boys and we certainly saw 11 S/A men out there in the field that day from the word go!!!!!!
    I am a Pakistani but somehow I felt the pain in the end!!!!! The semi final lived up the expectations of what a nail biting finish is all about!!!!!!!
    You are the champions!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Emotional nonsense. Proteas still not good enough to win a World Cup. Plenty of opportunities squandered and that was the difference – so I’ll say it again – just not good enough to win. Still no BMT, still no World Cup.

  47. You made us PROUD Proteas!!! We love you and you deserve nothing but praise. Your team spirit is commendable and your hearts are in the game and with your people. BIG UPS TO ALL OF YOU

  48. My heart bleeds every time I see the tears in my boy’s eyes.
    In His time we will conquer. Just stay strong and NEVER GIVE UP.
    2019 CWC, we coming for you. God willing.

  49. My team Sri Lanka lost to south Africa in the qtr finals, and I was not that sad but little disappointed cos the two towers were retiring and could have been a better send off to them if we had got the trophy, but when south Africa couldn’t make it to the finals I really felt for them. They really deserved that win, Better luck next time boys.having said that Should admire Brandon McCollum for his aggressive start n the way he captain his ship. I really hope new Zealand becomes the champs. Wish you guys the very best.

    Good luck to Australia n India for tomorrow.

  50. Quinton, AB, my honest opinion is that, despite loosing, you have added as much value to this country and our people as did Francois and his team in 1995. All 15 of you can be proud of showing an example of unparalleled passion and dedication. Thanks guys.

    And on the bright side, to be the ICC no one team (i.e. consistently the best!) is quite something to strive for as opposed to being “world champion” for one day only. So with each next game comes an opportunity to show that you are the best anyway! Go for it!

  51. Thanks Quinny and sorry to all you guys. Hindsight is always full of ifs and buts, but which still cannot change what has happened. We could also say that the Black Caps rode their luck. They also missed catches and run outs. All said and done, we are very proud of you guys. Without a doubt each and every one of you gave your best on the day. It must have been tough trying to live up to the expectations of such a demanding nation. How fickle are we not to remember all the records you guys set along the way.
    Welcome home our warriors.

  52. Great team effort to reach semi’s.AB what n great role model in victory and defeat.Unfortunately the Proteas bowling unit with coaching bowling staff questionable……..

  53. You guys are the best in the world, there is no doubt about that, to loose a game that indeed was the most important in SA cricket’s career, with so so much passion, shows each and everyone of you guys how much passion you guys have got for the game. The very old saying that applies is, you have to learn to loose before you can win.

  54. Sorry Quinny but not once did you guys looked like you are capable of winning this WC. You struggled against all the teams. if it wasnt for AB innings everytime you would have struggled to make the play offs. If Zim focused more they couldve beaten you. You guys are looking for sympathy but the fact remain you are the no1 team with the no 1 bowlers and no1 batsmen. Srilanka struggled because of their mental problems. The West Indies was the only top ranked team that you beat. The country was in doubt and everyone thought that you will choke against srilanka. Frankly there was no clear confidence that you guys could win this WC. Anyone on the semi finalist would have beaten you. Luckily you got NZ and stood a slight chance

  55. The Proteas are winners! Our beautiful country has never witnessed such unity in spirit, passion in sharing a togetherness in striving towards one goal together.we have witnessed that it can be done in His time. Forever a Protea. One flag..One cup. .Well done guys. We are proud of you!

  56. All I can say is that the Script will eventually read in our favour. Quinny is right, we have the worlds best in that team and the cricket gods will soon smile on us. What does the title matter? We will beat the eventual winner in a series in our next encounter with them. I just hope that all the hype that surrounds the next WC be left out of our player’s thoughts and preparations and indeed the rest of the South African cricket supporters. Play each game as it comes and we will conquer all the rest of the perceived “bests”. Shit happens boys, let’s look forward and shake this daft monkey off our backs. We have proven ourselves time and time again, you can’t let one tournament dictate your future. I’m sure no one has lost their faith in you, I certainly haven’t. Thank you for giving your all.

  57. you boys made us so Proud!! You broke the spell! Yes, I think a win was possible….a team of great, great players. At the very least we salute NZ to win the cup!

  58. I love it! These boys are GIANTS of the game and I will stand behind them 100%. My heart bled as did theirs in that final over but I also felt an immense sense of pride having watched the boys give it their all!

    I will welcome them back as heroes and support them now matter what


  59. As an x pat from Cape Town…it was an ‘amazing’ privilege to have been at Eden Park to enjoy the game! Emotions ebbed and flowed all through the encounter ! The ‘result’ in the balance until the 2nd to last ball ! Wow
    Hats off …to both teams….what an incredible spectacule this was ! Well befitting a World Cup Simi Final .
    Who ever said ….’Cricket is a boring game! ‘ — eat your words! This was “Exitement “….all the way !
    THE BIG WINNER……. Was CRICKET…the game !

    As to my allegiance? After just on 40 years as a resident….my feet are firmly in my adopted land……
    P.S. Come October….my wife and I will be in London for The Rugby Word Cup…and it will be ….GO ….The AB’S !

  60. Whilst we all feel sad about the los, and surely will still support the Proteas in future. We have to accept that the Proteas were not mentally strong enough, for whatever reason. There were too many opportunities missed that in any “normal” game would have been taken. It’s forget the missed run outs, the catch should have been taken. Yes there was noise, but people have eyes, after all these cricketers have been playing at a reasonably high level for some time. Let’s not call these missed chances a choke, a panic attack maybe.

  61. Well done guys the most exciting match ever wasnt meant to be but atleast you guys fought for it some you win and some you loose. but here is a joke to perhaps cheer us up the guy who scored the winning runs is a south african so we can say a south african did it for the NZ not a NZ nor a Aussie lol anyway lets cry for a moment our hearts out, then lets get uo and build up for the T20 aswell as the next world up our new talent they are ready. PROTEAS you made me and who ever agree proud as for those who disagree well all i can say sore looses .

  62. I read this through tears in my eyes! I love what you are saying, I love the way you are honouring you teammates. And I want to honour you! You have great talent and great heart and we are looking forward to seeing you in full bloom in the Proteas.
    And as fans we do not care about those critics sitting on the sideline chiming in on the “better” decisions and plays they would have made – we don’t care for them or their opinions.
    This is now our (the fans) turn to show our heart and our character – we will not turn on you because of this loss, we will only share in your tears and joys and try and show you our support as much as we can.
    You guys are our heroes, you have won our hearts and we will keep supporting you. I love what one of your fans from India wrote: ” … there is a World Cup trophy waiting for you, and it can only be delayed. Not denied.”
    We are proud of you and will stay your loyal fans. And keep enjoying the way you play this game – win or loose.

  63. You were all incredible. It’s heart breaking that the passion and dedication that each one of you put into your games was not rewarded with a trophy. But that’s all it is. The best in the world can not truly be decided on one tour. What you do before and after is what makes you guys the greatest team and me your biggest fan. You all seem genuine as well which makes us all so proud to be South African. The way AB speaks of his country and his team is beyond words. Simply put – you guys make me wake up @ 3 in the morning with zero effort. You guys should be proud of yourselves cause we are.

    1. You guys have been the bravest that man could be. You have made South Africa proud, it might not have seemed so on the day but emotions tend to run high. Why? That’s because we are all passionate about the game. Thank you for sharing so much detail of what happens behind the scenes. No matter what who says, you guys are Proteas for life. Win or defeat Protea fan for life. I salute you all for your passion towards the game and sharing your thoughts of what the fans might think. There is one thing for sure…..we will bounce back in the next world cup. Let the defeat be our learnings. Win or loose be proud deep down in your hearts you know you gave it your best shot.

      Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Protea supporter for life.

  64. Some food for thought on how different we are to the Aussies.
    Their sport philosophy:


    embrace the mongrel
    get in their face


    leave your morals behind the white line and get stuck in Australia.

    I’m proud of the guys and will never stop supporting them they just need to work on their killer instinct!

  65. Whilst I appreciate the despair of losing in such a close game in a semi final – ultimately it is only a game and not a tragedy! I would’ve liked the win but NZ were better on the day and quite honestly deserved to be in the final – they won all their matches! So well done and hard luck boys – as a proud South African I will be backing you win or lose and good luck to the Blackcaps for the final.

  66. I know this is spilt milk and way to late but looking at NZ bringing Vettori out of retirement for the world cup so did SA consider bringing Kallis out of retirement. We were short on experience and a 5th bowler was he even considered? It’s too late now but I look at how well prepared NZ were and how much planning was involved in there approach to the game ie. Field placings and there approach. Kallis would have been a master stroke in my view.

  67. I am really proud of the boys and the semi finals is an awesome achievement!!!!!!……..I just think the New Zealand team had the x factor on the day
    they BELIEVED…….we seemed very scripted and conventional in the field…. our batting was awesome!!!!!

  68. Coming back 4 years later.
    I don’t know why the Philander/Abbot issue got so much airtime, then and now.

    WTF was AB doing bowling himself at the death?!
    Take your catches, get your run outs that’s the real problemo

    Steyn to Elliott, no run, Has AB de Villiers missed a run-out? Or has he got it?. Pushed to point, it is Anderson’s call, but Elliott sends him back. Anderson is nowhere near the non-striker’s end when the throw arrives. On a half-volley. He misses it, and his hand/arm removes the bails. He still has time but is falling over as he collects the ball. He is trying to pluck the stump but he can’t. Oh what a moment. Have South Africa made the final, conclusive, crucial mistake on a night of fielding mistakes?

    (the answer is no, that wasn’t the final field mistake!)

    (oh, and please let’s stop playing important cricket matches at rugby stadiums too)

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