The Rise in Scottish Women Rugby

Scottish Women's Rugby

The Scottish women rugby is currently going through its golden phase. Rising from the years of neglect and unpopularity, it is slowly catching up with enthusiasm. From 2016, the women’s rugby is showingsteady growth.

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A New Set of Players

Rugby is about strength, skills and temperament.

With the addition of seasoned players like Sarah Law, Lisa Thomson, Chloe Rollie and Jade Konkel, the rugby team has shown its seriousness towards the growth of this sport. Eight new contracts were made available this year. All the efforts looked perfect when Scotland beat Ireland in Dublin in the 2018 championships. The efforts can be seen clearly on the grass root levels too. New talents are encouraged to play and are given proper training.

About the Scottish Women Rugby: What Can You Expect?

The world women’s rugby world cup is slated to be held in 2021. The country aims to show her stellar performance there. All the efforts are currently done under 2021 contracts. The new deals and contracts are done under this name right now.

There is a campaign going on in Scotland #bethebestyou. Under this, the youngsters are made familiar with rugby. The physical, social and mental benefits are talked about. The good part of all these is that already about 1000 players in the age-group 11-25 are introduced to this sport. With three years till the next world cup, we can expect to see some talented players from this pool of players. For the younger ones, the training period will ensure that they are ready for the 2025 world cup.

The concrete efforts on all the levels are already showing results. Scottish women rugby team is now regarded as a strong side. With the win over Ireland, they have proved that no matter how strong and well-established the team is, they are ready to face it and win over it as well.

The women and girls’ involvement in sports marks the beginning of a new era. It will ensure that they are motivated to stay physically fit and mentally strong. A platform like sports gives them the opportunity to earn a name for their nation and be internationally recognized. There always has been a kind of invisible ceiling over the women’s sports.

Only few sports offer the same kind of treatment like their male counterparts. This discrimination needs to be smashed. Also, women become prone to several health issues because they become less physically active with growing age. Their involvement in sports will stop this trend. Rugby is a sport that will be the fore-runner for changing the face of the women’s sports in Scotland.

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