Springbok Player Ratings vs Wales – The Washington Saga


It was an interesting affair as the Springboks took on Wales, the first test under new coach, Rassie Erasmus.

The squad was a bit of a mix-and-match as Rassie experimented ahead of the games against England.

The result was not what the supporters wanted, and here’s what our panel thought of each player’s performance.

  1. Ox Nche

@Justus_Beets: 6/10 – Happy to see Ox get a chance against Pro14 opponents.

@JudgeRugby: 5/10 – Decent debut no trademark runs but the game did not allow for it.

@OdinKuun: 3/10 – Looked a step too high for him (deserves another change though).

@RugbyMadSA: 5/10 – Not bad, not great either, a seemingly uninspiring debut. Should he have come off the bench?

  1. Chiliboy Ralepelle

@Justus_Beets: 6/10 – Not strong chilli but did his job in tough conditions.

@JudgeRugby: 6/10 – Line outs and scrums a success and did his job, many others did not.

@OdinKuun: 5/10 – We have such quality at 2, bang average is not acceptable.

@RugbyMadSA: 6.5/10 – What more can you ask for? Did everything asked of him and did it well.

  1. Wilco Louw

@Justus_Beets: 6/10 – Always consistent. Did his growing reputation no harm.

@JudgeRugby: 5/10 – Did ok but not great.

@OdinKuun:4.5 – Looked off the pace, not the level we are used to seeing from him.

@RugbyMadSA: 5/10 – Nothing like the tighthead that was called up last year but not too terrible.

  1. Jason Jenkins

@Justus_Beets: 7/10 – Surprisingly good.

@JudgeRugby: 5/10 – Slipped off a few too many tackles for my liking.

@OdinKuun: 7/10 – Really good debut, clear stand out in the forwards.

@RugbyMadSA: 4/10 – Nervy start to his test debut. Too eager at times and missed a crucial tackle that Wales scored off.

  1. Pieter Steph

@Justus_Beets: 5/10 – Not convincing as captain. Seemed like he’d be more at home reading a John Green book in Mugg & Bean.

@JudgeRugby:  5/10 – Anonymous captain and leader on the day. Dificult dynamic on the day, but a LEADER was needed.

@OdinKuun: 6/10 – Workmanlike performance, no surprise there. A leader by example, yes, but not a captain.

@RugbyMadSA: 6/10 – Another standard workman-like performance which has become a norm for him. Not too sure about his leadership credentials.

  1. Kwagga Smit

@Justus_Beets: 7/10 – Nothing flashy, like he usually does, but in the wet he was always around, trying hard.

@JudgeRugby: 6/10 – Made his tackles and was ok, but as most Boks, not great.

@OdinKuun: 5/10 – Tried his heart out (as per usual), but with very little luck.

@RugbyMadSA: 5.5/10 – Not too much to write home about.

  1. Oupa Mohoje

@Justus_Beets: 5/10 – You can’t fault his spirit, but this isn’t a reality show about mediums, he really needs to show something more.

@JudgeRugby: 7/10 – Really did the work that many others didn’t want to do or weren’t doing.

@RugbyMadSA: 6.5/10 – Busy, physical and unfairly criticised.

@OdinKuun: 6/10 – Dependable, but that is not enough anymore. We have better options.

  1. Daniel du Preez

@Justus_Beets: 5/10 – Nothing that would push for a regular starting spot. Johnny Bravo hairstyle only gets you that far.

@RugbyMadSA: 4/10 – Fairly anonymous throughout.

@JudgeRugby: 6/10 Ok, not great.

@OdinKuun: 5/10 – Hands dammit, hands

  1. Ivan van Zyl

@Justus_Beets: 3/10 – Next stop Box kick City. 20 minutes into his bok career he wanted to rally the troops, but they were having none of it. Poor.

@JudgeRugby: 4/10 Terrible execution of the game plan.

@OdinKuun: 4.5/10 – Overeager at times and those kicks! (facepalm)

@RugbyMadSA 5/10 – Average game under clear instructions that don’t complement his game.

  1. Elton Jantjies

@Justus_Beets: 6/10 – Had an accurate night kicking at the posts. Not so much in general. The worry was always him and van Zyl as combo.

@JudgeRugby: 5/10- Has had better games but when he got the ball the ‘newness’ of all the players was clear as they didn’t gel..

@OdinKuun: 4.5/10 – His game is so dependent on his kicking and if he can’t get that right he is useless.

@RugbyMadSA: 3/10 – Poor throughout, wasted opportunities and should have been subbed sooner.

  1. Makazole Mapimpi

@Justus_Beets: 7/10 – Scored tries in Super Rugby, scored tries in Pro14. Finally got a shot in the green. Had a nice purple patch after he scored.

@JudgeRugby: 6/10 – Good debut but he basically was a chaser all day. He did that well, but the kicks often were not chaseble….

@OdinKuun: 7/10 – Work rate without the ball was superb and solid under the high ball. Impressed

@RugbyMadSA: 6/10 – Chased kick-offs well. Got stuck in when asked. Finished his try well.

  1. Andre Esterhuizen

@Justus_Beets: 8/10 – Bok player of the game. Would love to see him get a chance against England in better conditions.

@JudgeRugby: 7/10 – Solid debut and was arguably the only back that did his job and a little more.

@OdinKuun: 7.5/10 – Great debut, stand out performance!

@RugbyMadSA: 8.5/10 – Best Bok on the day. Strong in all aspects of the game.

  1. Jessie Kriel

@Justus_Beets: 4/10 – Looked like his old self again. And its not a good thing.

@JudgeRugby: 4/10 –  Poor from the experienced midfielder. Needed him and Elton to step up more.

@OdinKuun: 5/10 – Kriel just being Kriel…

@RugbyMadSA: 5/10 – Blew hot and cold from limited opportunities.

  1. Travis Ismaiel

@Justus_Beets: 6/10 – Showed some real go on attack but went a bit quiet for too long periods at a time.

@JudgeRugby: 6/10 – Decent debut, some jitters and precious little opportunity like Mapimpi.

@OdinKuun: 6/10 – Unforced errors marred a decent debut.

@RugbyMadSA: 5/10 – Up and down debut. Quick reaction to score, dropped catch into touch to name a few.

  1. Curwin Bosch

@Justus_Beets: 2/10 – A game he’d rather forget. Only standout moment was a horrible kick out on the full.

@JudgeRugby: 5/10 –  Didn’t really set the game alight like we were hoping.

@OdinKuun:  4/10 – Anonymous. Gelant was much better

@RugbyMadSA: 4/10 – Failed to assert himself from little opportunities he got. Gelant not much better.

So, a lot of disagreement but I think one thing we all agree is that is was not a great outing for the Boks. Next up: England on Saturday, let’s hope the lads can improve!

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