The #11aSideJammityJamJam Returns – Be a Pro Footballer for a Day


Earlier this year we were part of the inaugural #11aSideJammityJamJam at Ikamva, home of PSL outfit, Ajax Cape Town. @thatWallace, who won’t play this time around due to injury, was part of the Brasselona team who thumped Bayer Neverlosen.

The event was such a success that it took less than a full calendar year to host the second round.

The event that kicks off this Sunday at Ikamva will see amateur Football players and fans strut their stuff against each other and a full-field 90 minute football match complete with officials and off-field physios.

Head organiser, Lorin Zealand, sees the event as a very competitive yet fun social experiment.

The main idea behind the #11aSideJammityJamJam is for us to have fun. Second to that, we want average Joe’s to grab a taste of what it feels like to be a professional Footballer for a day. The facilities at Ikamva are world class and the playing surface is an absolute joy to play on – it really brings the best out of all these players“, he said.

After their big loss last time around, Bayer Neverlosen underwent a slight re-brand and will now ply their trade under Bayern Moeilik FC. Brasselona, on the other hand believes in their strong brand and has remained mostly unchanged for the second fixture.

Fixture Details:

  • Ajax Cape Town Ikamva High Performance Training Facility
  • Cnr Frans Conradie & Bertie Genade Street, Parow.
  • Kick off: 16:00
  • Referee: Jason Blake
  • Linesmen: Alex Campbell, Jerome Doore
  • Fourth Official: Johan Engelbrecht

Bayern Moeilik

Head Coach: Harold Johnson

Alrick September                                                        Lance Swart

Daniel Mendes                                                            Dragan Kuruvovic

Garneth Hefke                                                             Ian van Niekerk

Januaris Mugazambi                                                  Juandre Fourie

Jullian Raatz                                                               Joseph Jaftha

Kurt Buckerfield                                                          Randi Walters

Shaun Brown                                                              Lyle Linderman

Maghdie Fife                                                              Nicholas Harper

Ricardo Allerman                                                        Spencer Stevens

Sebastian Clay                                                            Byron Jaftha


Head Coach: Eustace Keith Hufkie

Lorin Zealand (C)                                                        Adean Lewis

Brendan Phillips                                                          David Kappel

Dayle Visserman                                                         Emile Petersen

Fatherly Marsh                                                           Jason Acar

Jason Pascoe                                                               Keegan Kruger

Rainer Schwartz                                                         Randi Walters

Shaun Brown                                                              Revaughn Mitchell

Regan Hufkie                                                              Moeti Moeti

Euvdore Lategan                                                         Neil Swartz

If you’ve got nothing on, on Sunday and feel like watching a seriously fun game of Football, come down to Ikamva and give the lads some support. 

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