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Free Camelthorn Beer

Boy oh, boy, do we have something cool for you! Especially those who hold a valid Namibian passport.

Camelthorn, a Really Namibian Craft Beer, is launching in South Africa and they’re giving away FREE BEER to Namibian passport holders living in South Africa.

Camelthorn has a Helles, a Weiss and a helluva good time. Beer is one of the things they take seriously in Namibia, so they only use the finest ingredients to ensure the final product is seriously delicious.

Camelthorn use Saphir hops in their Helles beer and there are Lemondrop Hops in the Weiss. Camelthorn is best served with a mate, a side of meat and a comfy chair.

We wanted to make sure that Namibians got to try their homebrewed beer, so we decided that any Namibian living in South Africa could stand a chance to win a case of Camelthorn. Just like that. To make it even sweeter, they also stand a chance to win a free case… every month… for a year! That’s an additional 12 cases. DanFromNam (yes, that’s what he’s called) has undertaken this important task and will be riding on his bike (did we mention he’s a two time Olympian) from Namibia to South Africa to share our Camelthorn beer.

South Africans, on the other hand, need to find themselves some Namibian choms if they want in on the action and a taste of a Really Namibian small batch Craft Beer.

How it Works

If you’re a Namibian living in South Africa, you can head over to to submit your details to receive your beer. There are up to 200 cases up for grabs and an additional prize of beer for a year.


If you’re South African and also want free beer, I mean, who doesn’t? Then your job is to get your Namibian mates to sign up for the free Camelthorn beer – ask nicely, and I’m sure they’ll share some with you!

Camelthorn Beer

Be sure to follow Camelthorn Beer on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the brand’s latest hoppy goodness. 

So, remember to keep following @DanFromNam’s quest from Namibia and find yourself a good ol’ Namibian buddy to share a Camelthorn with. Use #ReallyNamBeer when your share your post about how good our beer is.

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