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Why Manchester United should not sign Jose Mourinho

Why Manchester United should not sign Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho. The Special One. The Happy One.

Whatever you want to call him, I don’t think there are many who would argue against his talents as a Football manager and I think it is safe to say that most Football fans would welcome Jose into their clubs with open arms.

Currently unemployed after his sacking at Chelsea FC, it has been widely reported that Jose Mourinho will be the next man to manage at Manchester United – personally, I think this would be a big mistake for the club.

Now, I know you probably just think this is a case of sour grapes from a Chelsea supporter (I am a Chelsea supporter) who still loves Jose and simply does not want him to manage a rival team. That is true – I would prefer for him to manage outside of England, but there’s more to this than just that. So, try to keep an open mind, and hear me out here.

As much as I dislike Manchester United as a club, I do have massive respect for them as an organisation and a brand. The same goes for Sir Alex Ferguson. They way he’s been able to make them such a powerhouse in Football is unbelievable and the presence of the brand across the globe is something I envy.

Over the course of the festive season I read Ferguson’s somewhat-controversial biography and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The insight it gives the reader into Ferguson’s life, his outlook about the beautiful game and Manchester United as a whole, is priceless.

One train of though in his book though, stood out for me – he keeps referring to the United way – and attributes most of the club’s success, on and off the field, to the United way.

Obviously United had other things going for them – the players, the staff, the fans, the money, the worldwide brand – all of these will no-doubt help a club to succeed. But all these elements have within the very core of them, the United way which ultimately ties it all together and lead to unprecedented success in English Football.

Every single signing, every kid that made it out of the academy, every staff member – from the cleaner to the Director of Football – they all had the United way in them. I know this, because Ferguson said this and he made sure it always stayed that way. In the book, Ferguson often refers to scouting players for months on end and then right at the point of signing, he gets an indication that the player does not quite possess the United way as he requires his players and staff to have – then he backs out of the deal. These are talented Footballers that are worth millions of pounds and most of them went on to become household names – not at United though, because they did not have the United way.

Manchester United are one of the only clubs left in world Football that still have a certain way of doing things – right down to the style of their play, the type of players they buy and they managers they hire – this is something to be proud of, something to cherish and something that the club should be working hard for, to make sure they preserve the United way.

Personally, I think Moyes had that in him. He just got shot in the back. Van Gaal never quite had it, in certain ways he did but not completely –  and that is why his job is on the line.

Jose Mourinho? The United way? Are you having a laugh?

I believe there are other reasons why United should not sign Jose, like his style of Football being completely wrong for the club and the players they have – a lot of players will be shown the door and a lot of new faces will come in – is this really something the club needs? A third overhaul in 4 years is never a good thing. But ultimately, I believe the main reason why signing Jose Mourinho would be a mistake, is because he most certainly does not possess the United way.

I love Jose, and I think he’s the best manager in the world right now. But, having witnessed him manage Chelsea, twice, has bestowed upon me the wisdom to know that Jose only has one way, and that is Jose’s way. And it works for him.

Yes, you might win a trophy or two, but the United way will be completely destroyed when Jose is done with the club. And in all honesty, and this is coming from a Chelsea fan, that would be a damn shame.

Do you think United should sign Jose Mourinho? Tell me in the comments below.


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