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The Premier League season is fast approaching and fans are getting ready to back their teams for what promises to be another exciting season of the most-watched soap opera in the world.

One of the first things on many fans’ shopping lists this time of the year, is the new playing kit that their heroes will don during the upcoming season.

Not too long ago, PUMA unveiled the new kit for Arsenal FC – packed with technology and a very clean and stylish design, this is the must-have item for any major Gunner.

Drawing inspiration from the managers, players and moments that defined The Gunners throughout the 90’s, this modern interpretation of a classic merges innovative technology with design features that give a nod to Arsenal’s past. 

Designed in the classic Arsenal home red, PUMA has created the new 2016/17 Home shirt based on the traditional and iconic home shirt treasured by fans. 

Because we’re so excited for the season to kick off, we are giving Arsenal fans the opportunity to WIN the 2016/17 Arsenal home shirt from PUMA!

How Do I Win?

In order for you to win, you need to convince us why you are the biggest Arsenal fan in South Africa – post your stories in the comment section below this post.

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Win an Arsenal Shirt With The Pundits

T’s & C’s

  • Winners announced on 5 August 2016
  • Delivery to a South African address only
  • Entries must follow ALL instructions above to qualify


Written for The Pundits by @thatWallace

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  • Its a family affair. I’m an Arsenal fan, my sister’s an arsenal fan, her son is an Arsenal fan, my Dad is an Arsenal fan. We all love Arsenal in the good times and the not do good times..

  • Local I am an Orlando Pirates supporter and from the European Legue I support Arsenal – Would love to win the Jersy for the love of the team. #PunditsAFC #ForeverArsenal

  • I love Arsenal so much,been a fan for over 30years,would love to win the new home jersey,finances a bit tight at the moment,my arsenal jersey been stolen last year,i had that jersey for over 10years,was heartbreaking when i discovered its gone from washing line,please puma and pundits hook me up! My all time favourite gooners are Dennis Bergkamp and Kanu ,i love this team so much! Im the only gooner in my town,lol maybe there another one who stole my jersey! Would love to win please,im really tightening the belt to save up to watch arsenal play live at Emirates Stadium,thats my dream. Through thick and thin i’m supporting arsenal all the way! Please be kind,lol my phone cant upload pics to twitter, my smartphone also got stolen recently,hope badluck leave me alone soon #ForeverArsenal #PunditsAFC @Arsenal @ThePunditsSA @PUMASouthAfrica

  • It all started on a Sunday in a sportspub. We came from a cricket match. I had no idea who was playing but went along for a good time.. It didnt look me too long to figure it out though. My current boyfriend whom I met that day is a huge arsenal fan.. He was screaming so loud.. Instead of watching the game, I couldnt get my eyes of him…. Until he caught me staring. I had to pretend Im watch the game. At that moment I connected with soccer. Arsenal won. And geuss whose luck also striked? (MINE!!!!!) I got to exchange numbers. Till 2day we both proud supporters TOGETHER

  • I’m Arsenal through and through. I’ve recruited some other boys up here in the Wskus and we don’t miss a match. My girlfriends 5 year old daughter is the second biggest Arsenal supporter i know, second only to me. #ForeverArsenal

  • I am definitely the biggest Arsenal fan in SA I was destant to be an Arsenal support my initialsis AFC for goodness sake O love the club and every thing about it the History from humble beginnings to on of the biggest clubs in the world. We may not win everything but I don’t mind it keeps me intrested in the game. So that is why I believe I am a the biggest Gooner in South Africa Arsenal For Life

  • Since i can remember i have one team to support and who is part of my family. That is arsenal. I’m like a English fan and will hit you if you have anything to say about my team. Arsenal for life #ForeverArsenal #PunditsAFC @Arsenal @ThePunditsSA @PUMASouthAfrica

  • This would be the ultimate gift! My little family are all Arsenal supporters , yes that include 2 girls . My husband is actively involved in the Supporters club in the Northern Suburbs. Extremely passionate fans!

  • My husband Craig is the biggest Arsenal surpporter u can get.He has faith in his team that one day they will win the Premier English League.He is also well known with the history of Arsen Wenger and Arsenal fc ,he also know every playet and how they play . My husband’s biggest dream is to watch his team play on the Emirates Stadium .He has the Arsenal flag ,cloves and scarf but he does’nt have a sweater it would be a grear honour if i could win one for him it would really make him happy and seeing that his birthday is near it would really be an awesome gift .#ForeverArsenal #PunditsAFC

  • From the days of David, Frederick, Theary, Viera jearsey number 4, Robert P…, and now with a new generation of Alexis and Ozil, my gunners have taught me consistance and continuity, good football and growing of talent. That’s why I buy their replica jearsey every season… And I am in love with the new one from Puma. On my birthday month..
    #ForeverArsenal #PunditsAFC

  • I’m SJ Shongwe,I’m great fan of the Gunners and I would like Arsen Wenger to stay as they play a very entertaining football under Arsen ”Arsenal” Wenger

  • Come rain or shine, when Arsenal play, I’m watching 🙂 we play the game in the beautiful way it should be played. For me, the rich history is so important, this draws me to this exceptional football club. I am the biggest Arsenal fan 🙂 we watch, not for names on the back but for the badge on the front. #gunnerforlife

  • I come from a family that was never really majorly into soccer. Was visiting a Man U fan one day and at least 16 years ago and a Man U were playing Arsenal. I feel in love with the way they played and their passion. Since then through ups and downs, highs and lows and the majority of friends supporting other teams I have been a Gooner and will be for life. Now I think that I am the biggest Arsenal fan as my biggest and next to be fulfilled goal is to see them play at the Emirates!

The Pundits

Founded by Ryan Wallace & Keegan Kruger, The Pundits is a South African Sport Blog & Podcast that brings braai-time banter to our readers and viewers online.

We share sport news, banter and products across various online channels including our live sports podcast on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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