Worst Soccer Dive in HISTORY? Or is this #FakeNews?


We’ve seen some embarrassing dives and rolls over the past few decades in football but a recent clip doing the rounds on social media lately stands head and shoulders above the rest. The clip shows local African football star, Moses Herbz, moving up the wing before being brought down by what seemed to be a harmless shirt tug. Once the player hit the ground though, he broke out into the acting audition of a lifetime and we have no doubt that Hollywood directors will be ringing up the player’s agent to offer him a role in a big blockbuster soon. Have a look at the clip below and you decide.

We received this clip in our inbox this morning… but looking at it, we got suspicious….

Moses Herbz? Not a real footballer…

CFK…. not a real club as far as we know…

Take a look at the sponsor boards… the brand name: NEKCIHC… we’ve never heard of them.

Invert the sponsor boards and it spells CHICKEN – CFK looks like it could be an invert of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We think KFC are up to something here. You can also notice their advertising on the boards next to the field.

Do you have any answers as to what the HGL stands for? And the VTC Sports? Tell us in the comments below.

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